30 days Guideline Corona Virus PDF | Origin, Symptoms, Remedies and Precautions

30 days Guideline Corona Virus PDF
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30 days Guideline Corona Virus PDF Whitehouse

Worldwide Covit 19 update 20 May 2020

Corona Virus: We will discuss the origin, symptoms, cure, and precautions today. Coronavirus has been infected in several countries of the world including China at present. As a result, panic has created in the countries. In the world, 110000 deaths were reported. The number of people infected with the virus will be 18000000. The World Health Organization has issued a warning. So let’s talk about how the virus spreads and so on.
The British media has already published a special report. The BBC and we will try to give you more details. You must be careful. The sole proprietor of protection is the Creator.

1. What is the coronavirus?

Another name for the coronavirus is covit-19. There are many different types of viruses. Of the species, only 1 can be infected in the human body.
Scientists say –
‘The virus may have mutated inside the human body. This can make it more dangerous. The virus can spread from one human body to another.
The Coronavirus is a deadly virus
Corona Virus: Look at the Origin, Symptoms, Remedies, and Precautions.
The virus causes infections in the human lungs.
It is through the respiratory system that it spreads from one body to another.
The virus spreads through sneezing and coughing.
Organ fails or various body parts become disordered.
Pneumonia and death are also feared.
So far two percent of the victims have died. There may be more deaths. It is not yet clear how horrible the virus is.

2. How the coronavirus spreads

The virus originated in Wuhan city in central China. On December 5, a disease like pneumonia spread in the city. The first Chinese authorities alerted the World Health Organization when they saw it. The first one died on January 5, 2021. Experts still could not confirm how the infection started.
Experts say it was probably an animal source. From the animal, the virus entered the human body and then spread from human to human. There is a talk about seafood in the city of Wuhan. There has been evidence that an infection has occurred between people who went to the city market. The sale of wildlife in the market was illegal. Some marine animals can carry the virus. Such as the beluga national whale.
Corona Virus: I am discussing the origin, symptoms, remedies, and precautions. There are signs of whether the virus is infected.
 Difficulty in breathing
It takes five days for the infection to appear after the virus is infected. The first symptom is fever. Breathing occurs within a week. If the symptoms appear, the doctor will seek refuge.

1. Coronavirus treatment

No new vaccine or antidote has been discovered since the virus was new. The World Health Organization has given some guidance –
 Be sure to wash your hands regularly.
Cover your nose and mouth while coughing.
You have to stay away from the cold.
When you get out, the mask will come out later.
Scientists are now calling for a cure to avoid contact with the virus.
The University of Hong Kong said. Gabriel Leung said, ‘If you are ill, wear a mask, and if you are not sick, wear a mask to avoid contact with others.’

Download 30 days Guideline Corona Virus PDF

30 days Guideline Corona Virus PDF

coronavirus-guidance 30 days PDF whitehouse

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