48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene (Summary)


48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene (1998) is the first book by American author Robert Greene. The book is a bestseller, selling over 1.2 million copies in the United States, popular with prison inmates and celebrities and is the best books in the world.
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Robert Greene
December 5, 2020
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48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene (1998) is the primary book by American writer Robert Greene. The book is a hit, selling over 1.2 million duplicates in the United States, famous with jail detainees and superstars and is the best books on the planet.

Greene at first defined a portion of the thoughts in The 48 Laws of Power Book while functioning as an essayist in Hollywood and reasoning that the present force world class had comparative attributes with incredible figures from the beginning of time. In 1995, Greene functioned as an essayist at Fabrica, a workmanship and media school, and met a book packager named Joost Elffers. Greene pitched a book about capacity to Elffers and a half year later, Elffers mentioned that Greene compose a treatment.

In spite of the fact that Greene was despondent in his present place of employment, he was agreeable and saw the time expected to compose a legitimate book proposition as excessively dangerous. Notwithstanding, at the time Greene was rehashing his #1 life story about Julius Caesar and took motivation from Caesar’s choice to cross the Rubicon River and battle Pompey, accordingly instigating the Great Roman Civil War. Greene composed the treatment, which later turned into The 48 Laws of Power total book. He would take note of this as the defining moment of his life.

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