The Great Gatsby PDF

The Great Gatsby PDF by Francis Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby PDF version and Francis Scott Fitzgerald books other available for free download from our library. The Great Gatsby is a romance novel book written by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald.


The Great Gatsby PDF Details

Writer: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Cover artist: Francis Cugat
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre:  Romance Novel
Published Date: 10th April 1925 [US], 10th February 1926 [UK]
Publisher: Charles Scribner’s Sons [US], Chatto & Windus [UK]
Media type Print: [hardcover & paperback]
Pages: 193 [PDF].
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The Great Gatsby PDF Book

Summary: The story of a man who believes his lost loving relationship can be returned by exhibiting his newly created wealth and social status. Gatsby an army officer who falls in love with Daisy. During his serving at world war, Daisy marries a rich but brutal man Tom Buchanan. Gatsby returns after the world war and went on to create huge wealth through unethical practices.

To grab the attention of her, he conducts many parties, ironically not attending them. He could manage to meet Daisy again, with the help of his neighbor Nick, who is happened to be a cousin of Daisy and a world war veteran. They recoup of Gatsby and Daisy made them fall in love again. Tom suspects the activities of Daisy, but unable to stop her as he himself unfaithful to his wife because of his affair with Myrtle Wilson, wife of a car mechanic George Wilson.

While Gatsby and Daisy driving, they end up killing Myrtle. Though daisy was actually driving the car, Tom blames Gatsby for the killing. George came to know about this and shoots Gatsby to death and ends up killing himself.

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The Great Gatsby PDF Download

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The Great Gatsby Free Books Download PDF for romance-minded people. Hope All enjoy these romantic books.

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