Download HSC BOOK PDF free for Class 11-12

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Download HSC BOOK PDF free for Class 11-12

Download HSC book pdf version

Download HSC book pdf version from here. HSC book pdf is now included board books. Nowadays hard to find HSC PDF books online. We collect some important books for class eleven-Twelve students. We make pdf version book for all. Dear pupils, HSC book download from the below table. We share all the books download links in the table box.

HSC book PDF

Here we give all book download links for all. From the table green download link, everyone gets HSC books pdf 2020.

Read and Download HSC NCTB Text Books 2020 for Science, Commerce & Arts.

All HSC ebooks are not published, when we make books as pdf version then we published here.

Serial no Subject name
1 Sahittopath
2 Sohopath
3 English for Today
4 Physics 1st Paper
5 Physics 2nd Paper
6 Chemistry 1st Paper
7 Chemistry 2nd Paper
8 Higher Maths 1st Paper
9 Higher Maths 2nd Paper
10 Higher Maths 1st Paper Solution
11 ICT Book
12 Biology 1st Paper
13 Accounting
14 Business Organisation & Management
15 Tourism and Hospitality
16 Statistics
17 Soil Science
18 Sociology
19 Social work
20 Psychology
21 Production management and marketing
22 Art and clothing
23 Physics
24 Logic
25 Short music
26 History and Culture of Islam
27 Teaching Islam
28 Information and Communication Technology
29 Domestic science
30 Home management and family life
31 History
32 Geography
33 Food and Nutrition
34 Finance, Banking, and Insurance
35 The economy
36 Loud music
37 Mythology and good governance
38 Baby’s development
39 Chemistry
40 Business organization and management
41 Biology 2nd paper
42 Agricultural education
43 Accounting
44 Higher Mathematics
45 Podda Nodir Majhi Natok
46 Roktakto Prantor Natok

Download HSC BOOK Syllabus

  1. Tourism and Hospitality
  2. Statistics
  3. Soil Science
  4. Sociology
  5. Social work
  6. Psychology
  7. Production management and marketing
  8. Art and clothing
  9. Physics
  10. Logic
  11. Short music
  12. History and Culture of Islam
  13. Islam
  14. Information and Communication Technology
  15. Domestic science
  16. Home management and family life
  17. History
  18. Geography
  19. Food and Nutrition
  20. Finance, Banking and Insurance
  21. The economy
  22. Loud music
  23. Mythology and good governance
  24. Baby’s development
  25. Chemistry
  26. Business organization and management
  27. Biology
  28. Agricultural education
  29. Accounting
  30. Higher Mathematics
  31. English
  32. Bengali

 HSC Book PDF Download Links

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