Twilight new moon book PDF

New Moon book PDF twilight series

New Moon book PDF

Stephenie Meyer’s twilight series 2nd book New Moon. Her first book Twilight, a young adult vampire-romance novel Twilight book PDF published in 2005. After one year, New Moon PDF book also a young adult vampire-romance novel. This novel New Moon book PDF published in 2006.

New Moon Plot

On the eighteenth birthday of Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, the vampire he loves. And his family organize a birthday party at his residence. While unwrapping a gift, Bella receives a paper cut. This makes Edward’s adoptive brother, Jasper, feel overwhelmed by the smell of his blood and try to attack Bella. Trying to protect her. Edward and the Cullens move away from Forks, but in an attempt to encourage Bella to move on, Edward tells her that it’s because he no longer loves her. With the departure of Edward, Bella suffers a severe loss of memory and depression for several months.

In the months that follow, Bella learns that thrill-seeking activity. Such as riding a motorcycle and diving on cliffs, allow her to “hear” Edward’s voice in her head through her subconscious mind. He also seeks comfort in his deep friendship with Jacob Black, a cheerful companion who alleviates his pain at having lost Edward. Sometime after losing Edward, Bella begins to enjoy the company and friendship of Jacob.

After spending some time with Bella, Jacob begins to experience unexpected and drastic changes with his mood, body and personality changes. When Jacob undergoes a very long, painful and life-altering transformation, Bella and Charlie worry. A few weeks later, Bella notices that Jacob is not as happy and lucky as he once was.

She does not feel so comfortable with Jacob’s recent changes, and soon after, she discovers that Jacob has unwittingly become a werewolf and that there are other members of the tribe who are also werewolves. Jacob and his pack protect Bella from the vampire, Laurent, who was part of the coven of James, and also from Victoria, who seeks revenge for his dead partner, James, whom the Cullens had killed in the previous quota. Jacob begins to develop physical emotions towards Bella, but she does not feel the same after experiencing a breakup that changed her life with Edward. This makes him terribly sad and envious of Edward. Jacob then prevents Bella from drowning after jumping off a cliff and almost kisses her at the following events.

Meanwhile, a series of communication failures leads Edward to believe that Bella has committed suicide by jumping off a cliff. Distressed by his alleged suicide, Edward flees to Volterra, Italy, to provoke the Volturi, the vampiric royalty who are capable of killing him, although they refuse, and consider his mind-reading ability too valuable. Bella asks a series of questions, and Alice tells her that she saw Bella trying to commit suicide. As Alice’s visions about Edward change quickly, Alice and Bella can not clearly understand if Edward is or will be safe.

They rush to Italy to prevent Edward from revealing himself to the humans so that the Volturi are forced to kill him, arriving just in time to stop him. Before leaving Italy, the Volturi tell Edward that Bella, a human who knows there are vampires, should be killed or transformed into a vampire to protect the secret. When they return to Forks, Edward tells Bella that he has always loved her and just left Forks to protect her.

At the last plot of new moon book pdf

She forgives him, and the Cullens vote in favor of Bella becoming a vampire, much to the dismay of Rosalie and Edward. However, Jacob reminds Edward severely about an important part of his treatise: if the Cullens bite a human for some reason, the treaty is over and the wolves will attack. When Bella reminds him that he does not care that being a vampire is what he wants, Jacob reveals that it is his business, since he does not understand what will be at stake for her and the Cullens. Before I can continue to warn him, they hear that Charlie asks Bella to come into the house immediately. Jacob apologizes to Bella once again before leaving, and the story ends with Charlie punishing Bella for going to Italy.


Details About Stephenie Meyer New Moon

Writer name Stephenie Meyer
Cover artist name Gail Doobinin (design)
John Grant (photograph)
Country name United States
Language English
Series name Twilight series
Genre Novel, Romance novel, Young adult fiction, Horror fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Vampire literature
Publisher company Little, Brown and Company
Publication date
September 6, 2006

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